Online Backup

Online backup, remote backup or cloud backup are all names for essentially the same solution, regardless of what you call it, it protects data against disasters such as theft, fire, water damage, virus, power failure and technical faults all of which can lead to important data loss.  Companies who fail to back up their data can suffer far reaching consequences which are often colossal.  This is why a good backup solution is essential!  If you have a complex infrastructure with multiple servers or your business consists of one PC, an online backup solution is always the best solution.

To protect your business a backup of your crucial data should be made at least daily.  It is important that both the backup and the original are available.  Making a backup on an external hard drive results in the old backups always being overwritten, later versions then run the risk of corruption.  Our solution provides sufficient protection against such data loss.

For example, if a crash occurs during the making of a backup on an external hard drive, you run the risk that both the original and the backup are unusable.  Our solution eliminates this problem as you can restore the previous day’s backup which will not have been overwritten and will be stored separately with multiple copies.

Mitol PerfectBackup offers the convenience and security of online backup; hardware and software investments are no longer necessary.  With Mitol PerfectBackup, data can be backed up online automatically.  Files are sent daily with 256-bit encryption via SSL to our data centre and stored. Important business data is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  In case of emergencies, data can be quickly restored.

Our software is platform independent, ie both Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Sun Solaris, Novell and all platforms with Java 2 JRE Standard Edition, from v1.3.1 are supported. Our backup software also supports all major database applications.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Your chosen method of backup and recovery can make or break an organization should the worst happen and to plan for such an event is time consuming and expensive.  Failure of ICT facilities can have a huge impact on productivity in the workplace. 

Due to cost constraints, many organisations fail to make the necessary investments in server/hardware replacement.  Hardware manufacturers also state their products are more durable and have a longer life, however with the additional software and installation necessary to update new hardware, the total amount of investment required can be much higher. The continued use of existing hardware also has its drawbacks, warranties expire and the risk of hardware failure increases. This puts the business under pressure and unprecedented damage can even lead to bankruptcy.

Backup & Disaster Recovery (BDR) avoids downtime. Every five minutes full system backups can be run (Windows and Linux) and in case of an emergency, we automatically start the recovery process, enabling you to focus on the core business. Physical and virtual server(s) can be recovered quickly and easily. If there is a server crash, by making use of the latest technologies we are able to recover an entire system within 15 minutes to original, alternative, or virtual hardware, so your business is totally secure and operational.

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