Impress Solutions adopt a staged project implementation process to ensure that the solution is delivered on time, to budget, and is fully operational. Impress Solutions have a robust track record in meeting these essential objectives within our client base.

Ensuring that projects are delivered on time is based on the consultant’s recommendations before a project is signed off. We will identify any risks associated with the project implementation to the client, based on our detailed understanding of the requirements.

A number of key stages can be identified during project implementation:


Assign Project Manager
Impress Solutions will designate an experienced Project Manager to oversee the implementation of a project. The PM will liaise with the client on a regular basis, and work closely with the Project Team to ensure that the design and implementation of the system runs as smoothly as possible. Our PMs have extensive experience of successfully managing and implementing complex and sophisticated systems across a broad range of industry types. 

Proof of Concept
As early as possible in the implementation phase we aim to demonstrate the viability of the proposed solution, following which we proceed to full implementation. 


Key users receive training on "proofing" system, prior to full implementation, with all users trained on "pre-live" system.User Acceptance Testing is carried out with key users and the project team.  At this point changes can be made and the system optimised for performance.

Sign Off and Go Live
Members of the project team are always onsite for "Go Live" to assist users, to ensure the earliest possible impact on the business.


Advice and Acceptance

Following diagnosis from the data collection our consultant will decide how to best involve the client in the process of analysing the information, and give feedback to the organisation. It is essential that all parties agree on an appropriate decision to be made on how to proceed.

From this work a fully documented and costed project plan is developed and agreed.  Responsibilities assigned, resources allocated and finance agreed. It is essential for a clear mutual understanding of the projects goals and measurements of success.

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