Since 2002 M:Science SMS have been one of the pioneers of corporate 2-way text messaging services and have been proudly working with Impress Solutions since 2003. For many years, organisations have be able to use one of the quickest and most reliable premium SMS platforms on the market and having recently introduced a Price Promise Guarantee, M:Science are now and will continue to be, the cheapest premium SMS  provider on the market.

Impress Solutions provide the ability to integrate text messaging into specific operating systems, websites and Intranets, as well as bespoke solutions. We integrate SMS servers perfectly into your business applications. In a simple and convenient way that allows you to send and receive SMS text messages directly from any email client, using either a hosted (SMS Server) or non-hosted (Email Gateway) solution.

With the M:Science SMS plug-in you have the ability to create and integrate an inbound message handler to accept inbound message data. Lease dedicated inbound numbers or shared inbound numbers with keywords. Simply send and receive SMS text messages through a web browser; set-up campaigns, apply message routing rules and define automated responses. Provide your customers the ability to send a text message directly to your email system, application or website, via dedicated and shared long numbers or short codes.

We utilise a Premium Gateway so that you can be confident that messages are relayed instantly as well as having the ability to request current message status and delivery receipts. Setup is free and easy, simply visit to complete our registration form and receive 200 free SMS message credits.


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