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An application programming interface (API) acts as a sort of intermediary between separate applications, facilitating the communications between them. An API can be (and is) used in many different contexts, and many different industries and sectors. The main advantage of utilizing these interfaces is that it helps automate processes, which in turn can help a business streamlines its operations. Application programming interfaces also greatly improve the flexibility of applications, and because of this, they’re now indispensable. Here at Impress Solutions, we write our own APIs as well as acting as a trusted API vendor. Whether you need an interface writing or integrating, our firm can provide you with what your business needs.

What Is API Integration And Why Is It Helpful?

API integration may feature JavaScript or XML

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) play a huge part in today’s connected world. Much of our online connectivity is facilitated by these often-unsung heroes, and without them we’d find ourselves unable to as easily do many of the things we take for granted – holiday bookings and social media logins, for instance. In layman’s terms, APIs […]