Overview Sanctions Checker


Forex Currency Trader - Overview

This application has been developed to provide a complete solution, with the benefits of a Customer Relationship Management facility. This runs through to a complete Currency Trading operation, designed for situations where a high volume of deals are processed and to cater for various types of deals such as spot, time option, limit and forwards, including multi funds in and out as well as counter-party bookings.

Key features:

  • Multi-user with profile security and a simple menu allowing consistency throughout isCT.
  • Has the ability to roll back if a system crash occurs.
  • Connects seamlessly with Sage 200.
  • ODBC compatible.
  • FX position forecasting.
  • A suspense account allowing allocation of unknown fund sources.
  • Microsoft Outlook compatible.
  • BACS file creation.
  • Commission reporting for dealers and affiliates.
  • Comprehensive deal statuses and manager authorisation control.
  • Multiple deal ticket output options, including fax, printer and email.
  • Multi-users from 1 to 200.
  • Email alerting managers or clients via Outlook or Exchange and SMS text messages for those who have signed up for alerts.
  • Allows the option to create time option deals, i.e. draw-down, roll-over, swaps and sellback.
  • Allows for contact relationship management.
  • Client and deal compliance control.
  • Experian compliance.
  • Integrated with a powerful system for customisable reporting. 

Integrated Sanctions Checker

Sanctions Checker from Northdoor is a powerful, easy-to-use system that enables financial institutions to screen their clients, whether individuals or companies, against various International Financial Sanctions lists.

Features include:

Northdoor Sanctions Checker can screen your client records against the following key lists:

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