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Why Is An Integrated Sanctions Checker Important For Money Service Businesses?

A stop sign indicating the importance of an Integrated Sanctions Checker

For Money Service Businesses (MSBs), finding out whether sanctions have been levied upon clients with whom they’ll potentially be working, is imperative. Financial sanctions are issued by the Government’s financial regulatory body, the Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation. They’re dealt out to individuals, or organisations (known as the ‘target’) who are deemed to have acted […]

The History Of Forex Currency Trading

Canary Wharf, London, where much of the world's Forex trading takes place.

Whilst many of us may think that Forex currency trading is something very modern, the reality is different. In fact, it goes back a long way. The reason for this misconception is that many people get lost in the advanced jargon of the financial world, and lose sight of what, at its core, is a […]