The retail & wholesale industry, including distribution, are the cornerstone of the economy and face many issues on the road to success. The most common issues our customers face surround stock management.

  • Do they have enough to satisfy demand?
  • Who should they buy from?
  • Where is it stored?
  • How do I get it to my customer in a time and way that suits them?

These issues are further hindered by using outdated processes that link a business’ operations, from ordering all the way through to sales.

How Our Services Benefit Your Business

Our customers come to us looking for a way to manage stock, understand trends, keep on top of cash flow and review profitability.

For wholesale and distribution, we offer Sage 200 and for retail, Elite POS, which seamlessly integrates with Sage 50 for smaller companies and Sage 200 for larger organisations.

Key Benefits of these solutions include:

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