KYC / Compliance

Having confidence and Knowing Your Customer (KYC) is crucial when doing business with your clients.

Adopting a strong approach to risk and fraud prevention is key to your organisation and it’s why it is key to our systems.

Our FX solutions are able to help your business:

  • Protect itself with PEPs and Sanction checks, thanks to our integrated sanctions checker. Industry regulations are tightening in response to the continuous rise in bribery and corruption. Our foreign exchange trading platform enables your business to show strong governance and uphold a reputation of integrity.
  • Streamline one-off checks and on-going monitoring securely as part of your business compliance and reputation.
  • Create trusted relationships with your clients and partners by ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • Carry out Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) checks that bring together different data sources online in an instant.

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