EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) systems are widely used in retail and hospitality settings to streamline the payment process.

Impress Solutions has long since understood the positive impacts that effective EPOS systems have on a business’ operations. When people see POS software in everyday life, they think it’s only a till, when in reality, it offers much more than simply transactional functionality.

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The Key Benefits Of EPOS

Impress’ POS Solutions

Whilst they undoubtedly aid a business, traditional POS systems are by no means perfect. This is why Impress Solutions offers POS software integrated with Sage Accounting.

Elite Integrations software mitigates many of the shortcomings displayed by older POS software and drastically improves the level of flexibility afforded to retailers.

Unlike many POS systems, Elite Integrations can be configured to suit you, rather than forcing you to work around the needs of the software. After all, your business should never have to compromise due to issues with software. Just some of the features of Elite Integrations POS software are:

For a more detailed description of the POS software, visit the Elite Integration page.

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