The Forex market is the world’s largest and most fluid financial market, with daily trading values well into the trillions of dollars. The importance of your business using a premium foreign exchange software solution is crucial in ensuring compliance, efficiency and success.

Impress Solutions have developed a completely bespoke foreign currency trading application to better navigate the Forex market and improve your operation’s productivity and efficiency, as a result.

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isCT Currency and Payment Platform

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Key Benefits

Automation for speed & Efficiency

Process your booking, payment and bank reconciliation quicker and help your organisation to scale up to process booking and payments 24/7 with FIX and STP/SWIFT.

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Connected and Ready

As a Technology Service Provider (TSP), we have built the Open Banking solution ready for you to offer to your clients and TPPs.

We help financial organisation to embrace the open and secure method to access data or initiate payments for your client or assist Third Party Providers (TPPs)

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Digital Banking innovation

Offer current account and real-time payments services to your clients.

We have built the new innovative banking services with Clear.Bank Platform to add value to your proposition.

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Total control

Our isCT platform offers a complete solution to manage your sales, KYC/compliance, trading, risk, treasury, and finance operations.

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Digital client-facing

  • Offer your clients the freedom to process activity and maintain their account when and how they want with our web portal & mobile app.
  • Skinnable to match your organisation’s brand.
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