What Is Business Process Automation?

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Business process automation (BPA) – it seems like one of those terms comprising several key buzzwords without necessarily meaning all that much. The truth, however, is that BPA is now an essential facet for most modern businesses. So much so that, arguably, automation holds more immediate value to most businesses, at the minute, than AI does. But what exactly is it? The team here at Impress Solutions, who provide a comprehensive BPA platform, wanted to look at just why this digital process has become such a mainstay of successful companies over the past few years (a 2018 market report forecasted that by 2021, the global automation market will reach a value of $12.7 billion).

What Is BPA?

In its simplest terms, BPA is the streamlining of complex digital and business processes that may otherwise prevent a company from running at optimal efficiency. In other words, business process automation helps to tighten a company’s screws and lubricates its cogs, reducing both financial and time costs, in the process. In fact, some reports have indicated businesses could cut costs by as much as 90% by adopting a BPA platform.

Automated processes can range from the relatively simple, something like low-stock warning notifications, for instance, or automatic price change updates. On the other hand, these automations can be much more complex, and involve the synchronisation of multi-flow processes – an integrated ERP system, for example.

What Are The Main Benefits Of BPA?

There are several key benefits to automating processes within a company, the major ones being:

Time Saving

Obviously, the major benefit of this software is how much time it can save a business. It’s thought that business process automation platforms can save companies hundreds of hours per year, hours which can then be spent far more productively, as a result. In fact, according to a 2020 industry report by WorkMarket, a significant 78% of business leaders thought that they could save around 30 hours per month, through the automation of simple tasks.

The Range Of Processes

There are virtually no sectors which won’t be benefitted in some way by the introduction of a BPA platform. Whether you’re looking at HR processes and shop-floor management within a retail setting, or warehouse stock management in the logistics sector, if there’s a process that can be streamlined, the chances are, a BPA platform will be able to help.

Are There Any Limitations?

The short answer is, not really, no! Whilst early BPA software may have been relatively inflexible, that’s no longer the case. Business process automation software today very much works around your company’s needs, rather than the other way around. Another worry from some businesses, when it comes to process automation, is whether job titles will be made redundant as time goes on. Will a staff member’s purpose be made obsolete through this software’s implementation? In all likelihood, the answer is no. They may need to adapt their role, somewhat, but this happens in many jobs, especially when someone works for a company which is heavily tech-dependent.

The only other potential sticking point is initial financial outlay. Again, however, as with any technology, it has cheapened over time, and when you pair this with the savings it’s going to make your business in the longer run, by plugging inefficiencies within your company, it makes for an incredibly shrewd business investment.

What Business Process Automation Does Impress Solutions Offer?

Here at Impress, we’ve partnered up with Codeless to offer a state-of-the-art BPA platform. This software, specifically geared towards SMEs, helps lighten the workload off a company’s shoulders, by using data connectors and APIs. When it comes to Codeless’ main benefits, the clue is in the name. The software utilises an easy-to-use drag and drop system, as opposed the need for any complex coding, meaning that processes can easily be linked up or configured, all with a few clicks of a button. This graphical user interface that Codeless provides is one of the most intuitive out there, and is much more flexible than older BPA software.

There’s no doubt that BPA platforms, such as that offered by Codeless, greatly enhance a business’ performance capabilities. From shorter turnaround times to better customer experience, implementing BPA is in a company’s best interests. So, if you’d like to find out more about our business process automation software, then get in touch! Contact us today on 01708 759 760.

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