The Benefits Of Outsourced IT Support

Outsourced IT support will often come up with lightbulb moments to solve your IT problems.

The world we live in is dynamic and changeable. To carry out business in today’s world means to leverage digital solutions to your company’s advantage in the most optimal way possible. Unfortunately, IT infrastructure can often prove a troublesome beast, its stumbling blocks the frustration of many a company. This is why high-quality IT support is so crucial in order for today’s businesses to succeed. The team here at Impress Solutions, providers of bespoke outsourced IT support, wanted to look in more detail at the importance of using such support services.

‘IT’ Is An Incredibly Broad Term

To the layperson, when we hear the term IT we simply think of computers. In reality, however, IT is an overly simplistic catch-all way of describing hundreds of separate processes. That means there are also hundreds of ways in which things can go wrong. Errors that go beyond simply ‘turning it off and on again’. While most people will have no idea where to begin to solve an IT problem, an IT support team will quickly ascertain where the issue lies and how complex its resolution will be.

Time Is Money

When you or your employees experience technical problems, not only is it frustrating, but it’s expensive. The longer your servers remain down, for instance, the more time lost that could be spent on valuable business processes. By utilising IT support services, you ensure that any issues are mitigated with urgency. In an age where being offline for a couple of hours can be the difference between profit and loss, the importance of prompt action cannot be overstated.

To Stay Successful, Stay Secure

The increasing digital opportunities now afforded to businesses has brought with it an increase in cybercrime. Hackers and cybercriminals are finding increasingly devious ways of duping businesses and accessing their systems. Ransomware and phishing attacks have never been as prevalent. In fact, last year, in 2019, the cost of ransomware attacks on the United States came in at a staggering $7.5 billion. Keeping on top of your company’s cyber-security, therefore, has never been so crucial.

Companies offering IT support will advise as to the right security solutions for your business. They’ll also inform you as to the latest ways in which cybercriminals will try and scam you. Most data breaches in companies are still caused by user-error – clicking on a dubious link, for example. So, knowing these more sophisticated ways in which the hackers operate helps prevent such breaches from occurring in the first place.

Why Outsource Over Hiring In-House?

A good question! Why choose an outsourced IT support provider, such as Impress Solutions, as opposed to a dedicated engineer on your company’s roster? Most of the time, at least, your business shouldn’t be needing IT support. That means employing someone full-time to look after it could be an unnecessary company expense and drain on capital. Using an outsourced team, by contrast, means you can get help with what you need, when you need it. Not only that, but such teams offer extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to solving IT issues. Our support is proactive and is available ‘out of hours’ on a special requirement basis, which is by no means guaranteed with a member of staff.

The Impress Solutions team support and solve any problems that you have, but we’ll also advise as to where you could make digital improvements with new and improved technologies. In many cases, the solution will be deliverable over the phone without the need to call in one of the outsourced team’s engineers. This makes everything easier, shows the company employees how to rectify the issue should it happen again and enables the company to get going again quickly.

Companies are integrating increasingly complex digital systems into their everyday infrastructures and it’s not always easy to know the finer points of their workings. That’s why IT support is such a benefit to companies in today’s business world. If you’d like to find out more about our outsourced IT support, then get in touch! Contact Impress Solution today on 01708 759 760.

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