The Importance Of A Business Intelligence Dashboard For Today’s Businesses

The sort of visual reporting enabled by a business intelligence dashboard.

Companies are constantly looking for ways in which they can optimise their operative efficiency without cutting corners. Fortunately, the digital nature of today’s world means that such opportunities for improvement are commonplace. A business intelligence dashboard is one such solution. Dashboard reporting is a data and information management tool that’s used to monitor metrics and KPIs within a business. This monitoring can be conducted throughout the business as a whole or within specific departments of a company. The team here at Impress Solutions, a leading BPA solutions company, put this blog together detailing why implementing dashboard reporting is so advantageous to businesses today.

Drastically Streamlined Processes

Traditionally, businesses would have to use a plethora of different reporting tools for all their databases, a time-consuming, resource-intensive process. With a business intelligence dashboard, however, businesses can be much more efficient with their time, using only one reporting tool for all their databases. Operations such as stock and inventory control, sales monitoring and store/location management become infinitely easier and quicker to manage thanks to this centralising of data. Further to that, dashboard reporting features integrated email automation. This means that you can schedule reports to be automatically emailed out whenever you need them doing so.

Ease of Use and Flexibility

Even the most technically-minded specialists can sometimes get bogged down in the jargon that their databases throw at them. PanIntelligence dashboard reporting means every pertinent performance metric or KPI can be reviewed on a singular screen. The data visualisation technology of a dashboard means that information is presented in a highly accessible, interactive and visual way; our brains can comprehend this information more quickly and with greater confidence and understanding.

It isn’t solely restricted to a company’s main office, either, a business intelligence dashboard enables you to view your metrics and statistics anywhere and, on any device, provided that you have a secure internet connection. Mobile functionality is crucial in a world where workloads are increasingly as dependent on tablets and phones as it is within the office itself. It is clear that key hurdles that would previously have served as roadblocks for a company, can now be circumnavigated with consummate ease thanks to business intelligence.

Better Decisions Equal a Better Scope for Growth

Businesses are continually striving to grow and they try, wherever possible, to unlock new financial avenues and opportunities. However, accessing these higher business echelons is no easy feat which is why so many companies find themselves plateauing. The highly visual overlay that a business intelligence dashboard offers companies (the inclusion of drag and drop charts, for example) means serious volumes of data are presented in such a way that it’s far more digestible to a company’s team. Not only that, but dashboard reporting enables a company to access their data in real-time rather than after the fact. All of which contributes to better-informed decisions being made more quickly and a company’s forecasting being conducted with a significantly greater degree of accuracy.

The Versatility Of A Business Intelligence Dashboard

A business intelligence dashboard is not a one-trick-pony, far from it. It can be tailored and customised as per a company’s specific KPIs and metrics and adjusted accordingly. Most dashboard setups are informed and driven by what a business’ bespoke needs are. The charts, for example, can be changed depending on the particular KPI. If you need time-series analyses, let’s say, then a line graph would be by far the most useful. Dashboards can also be segmented per department, with each department’s dashboard also subsequently being customised to best meet their needs.

The increasingly saturated nature of today’s business world means that companies need to gain a greater competitive edge. Dashboard reporting makes your company processes easier, more accessible and more time and cost-effective. Their usefulness isn’t discriminative, dashboard reporting is just as useful whether you’re an SME or a global organisation. Statistics show that BI is becoming increasingly prominent, it’s something worth getting on-board with. So, if you’d like to find out more about Impress Solutionsbusiness intelligence dashboard reporting, get in touch!

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