The Many Benefits Of Using A Forex Trading Application

A Forex trading application makes trading shares (like shown in the image) much more streamlined

Forex trading companies are increasingly looking for ways in which to leverage trading software to their advantage for that extra competitive edge. The appeal of a software solution, therefore, that can help mitigate risk and speed up processes whilst at the same time making the market more easily navigable is one such way to support your business. These kinds of solutions put you ahead of the curve and your competitors and facilitate a more efficient and streamlined trading operation. The team here at Impress Solutions, developers of an acclaimed Forex trading application (isCT), wanted to look at some of the specific benefits of using a platform like ours.

Compliance And Risk Mitigation

When transferring large quantities of capital, the need for financial compliance and regulation increases exponentially. This is because with larger sums of money, the risk of fraud and money laundering also increases correspondingly. A good Forex trading application will feature seamless integration with financial sanction providers. Not only this, but it will also adhere to the latest regulatory compliance guidelines. Looking at our own platform, isCT, for example, you’ll see that our software is compliant with both AML and PSD2, to name but two, and features easy connection with third-party anti-money laundering systems. Not only that, but the software features a visible ‘paper-trail’ of data captured to further enhance financial transparency.

As many have discovered, this is not an industry where corners can be cut; Forex trading software helps to provide Forex companies with the utmost reassurance that their activities are being conducted in a wholly above-board manner. This is one of the more intangible qualities that, though not often talked about, is just as important as the official features. Upholding financial compliance and showcasing accountability helps build stronger relationships between companies and their clients. It helps build trust and reputability, something which is crucial when people’s money is at stake.

Ease-Of-Use And Scope For Growth

The industry has long been crying out for a platform that has the intuitive features of a CRM system, whilst maintaining the more substantial, industry-specific features required when dealing with the Forex market. Forex trading applications enable more actionable reports to be produced, and more trading to be carried out. Having features such as real-time liquidity, instant price aggregates and dashboard reporting allows traders to make smarter decisions more quickly, and with diminished risk. The result? A drastically streamlined operation where everyone feels more clued into what’s going on.

Flexibility And Versatility

The Forex market is much like an ocean, some days it is placid and relatively calm. Other times, however, it is volatile, explosive and unpredictable. Because of this, Forex companies need the capacity to work proactively and adapt quickly to unexpected trading scenarios. Forex trading applications provide just such a capacity. Forex software often features pre-trade interventions, for example, which factor in market risk and limits. As many a weary trader knows, it’s impossible to keep up with all of the real-time market trends. There’s simply too much going on. Such interventions, therefore, provide a safety catch for when the market suddenly shifts.

Furthermore, nowadays clients often want the option of being able to access their accounts wherever and whenever they want. Fortunately, this is entirely doable these days thanks to mobile apps. So long as they’ve a solid internet connection, then they’re good to go! This, again, adds to that overall streamlining of processes. Everything can happen more quickly and accurately, leaving both company and client better off.

In terms of the benefits that these applications provide a business, the reasons listed only begin to scratch the surface. Ultimately, however, applications such as Impress’ isCT make what can be an immensely overwhelming market much more navigable. So, if you’d like to find out more about our Forex trading application, then get in touch! Contact Impress Solutions today on 01708 759 760.

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