Enhance your productivity with staff training

Impress Solutions recognise that any good IT Solution consists of a number of elements, the right hardware platform, the right application software, and just as vital, the right people using it. The better trained and prepared users are the more productive the system will be, in a shorter period of time - the better the training and faster the benefits materialise. Impress Solutions place a strong emphasis on ensuring users are fully trained on solutions we supply.

Onsite Training

Training carried out on-site can prove very effective, however it is only suitable for one or two trainees who can spend the time dedicated to training without the possibility of interruption. The training would essentially be carried out using your own data and systems. If you wish, we can utilise our own laptops if the training would have an impact on your day to day operations. Standard on-site training is available Monday to Friday, 10:00am to 4:30pm. Out of hours and weekend training can be accommodated on request. Site visits by training staff can also be arranged to provided additional coaching, refreshers, installation, new users, version upgrades and amendments to stationery layouts.

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