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Impress Solutions offers corporate accounting software in the form of Sage software packages. We offer Sage 50, Sage 200cloud and other bolt-on modules. As certified Sage developers, we’re therefore able to create bespoke packages to integrate into corporate accounting software. The benefits of such software are that it tightens a company’s fiscal efficiencies, helping your company take care of all its accounts. Sage accounting software provides elevated levels of accuracy with a diminished degree of risk. With such software, you mitigate the chances of human error, whilst simultaneously streamlining your business’ expenses. We have over 20 years of accounting software experience, and because of this, we’ve become amongst the UK’s most trusted accounting IT firms.

What are the Benefits of Accounting Software For Retail And Wholesale Businesses?

Supermarkets and other wholesale settings benefit from accounting software for retail.

Retail and wholesale companies face innumerable challenges every single day. From continual stock management to the unparalleled importance of customer service, there are few sectors whose back-end processes and outward-facing roles both take on such responsibility. In short, there are many plates to balance, and it doesn’t take much, once one has fallen, for others […]

What Are The Benefits Of Corporate Accounting Software?

Corporate Accounting Software

With businesses looking to streamline their operations wherever possible, corporate accounting software has never been more important. In smaller businesses and SMEs, especially, where cash flow can be tight, there simply isn’t room for financial inefficiencies. Accounting software packages such as Sage offer countless advantages to businesses, ranging from financial savings to HR benefits. The […]

Sage 50 Or Sage 200? Which Corporate Accounting Software Will Suit My Business Best?

Sage 200 Corporate Accounting Software

Sage has long been producing corporate accounting software packages of an exceedingly high quality. They’re recognised as one of the industry’s leading players, and with good reason. A Sage product is synonymous with reliability, performance and versatility – all key traits in the successful running of a company. One of the questions we’re most frequently […]