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If your company holds any information directly related to your clients or staff, such as sensitive data or personally identifiable information, it’s good to know that you have an effective and secure cybersecurity software system. Any harm to this type of information can be detrimental to a business. This is why we developed a bespoke cybersecurity software solution, here at Impress Solutions. Working with WatchGuard technology, we can keep imposters away from your networks and data with extended user verification. Not only this, but we can provide you with visibility tools that enable you to proactively identify any threats to your business. For more information about this, contact Impress Solutions today!

4 Easy Ways To Improve Your Business’ Cybersecurity Solutions

CyberSecurity Solutions

The need for companies to improve their cybersecurity solutions has never been as great as it is today. More corporations than ever before are stating just how worried they are about increased cybersecurity threats (68% of business leaders, in fact, according to Accenture) – and they do so with good reason. Today’s digital world is […]

Key Features To Look Out For In Your Cybersecurity Solutions

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Over the past few months, businesses small and large have both found themselves having to adapt their workplace methodologies. Remote working and working from home has become the ‘new normal’, with meetings held virtually and documents handed over via email rather than by hand. This proliferation of digital working has brought with it a manifold […]