What Are The Benefits Of Corporate Accounting Software?

Corporate Accounting Software

With businesses looking to streamline their operations wherever possible, corporate accounting software has never been more important. In smaller businesses and SMEs, especially, where cash flow can be tight, there simply isn’t room for financial inefficiencies. Accounting software packages such as Sage offer countless advantages to businesses, ranging from financial savings to HR benefits. The team here at Impress Solutions, providers of bespoke Sage 200 packages, wanted to further examine some of these benefits.

Ease Of Use & Learning

Sage 200 is an incredibly intuitive package, something which is often forgotten because it’s a feature so taken for granted! Such is its usability, that even those who balk at the thought of anything technological, are easily able to navigate Sage 200. Learning how to use Sage 200 will require a minimum of disruption to a company’s employees. Many companies hold off on installing such packages, in no small part thanks to a misguided mindset that it will put their employees out of action for a considerable length of time, whilst they learn the ropes. In reality, however, the package’s features are so easy to pick up that your employees will be au fait with its navigation after only a couple of days!

Save Your Business Money

As a company’s finances are processed more quickly, it allows the business to work to tighter, more profitable margins. Therefore, these software packages help not only to plug fiscal holes in business models, but they create the potential for greater business growth as well. Larger corporations, it’s worth remembering, are more able to rely on credit to help ease their cash flow. For SMEs, however, keeping on top of your firm’s cash flow can be the difference between profit and loss come to the end of the financial year. Automating your actions and using technology where possible to streamline your processes is a justifiable and sensible business decision, one which facilitates the more proactive management of accounts.

Increased Transparency Through Actionable Reports

With corporate accounting software, it’s much easier to keep a clear and visible track of what money is going where within your business processes. Outgoing expenses and inbound profits are all more readily tracked with Sage 200. Moreover, the reports that it produces are eminently more workable and user-friendly than their traditional counterparts. Put another way, this corporate accounting software enables businesses to make smarter decisions in real-time, because data is inputted in a more digestible way.

Enhanced Scalability and Versatility

The main aim for nearly all businesses is to grow into bigger, more successful entities than they originally were. For such scaling to happen, your accounting systems need to be ready to adapt. They must be able to change in accordance with the more varied scenarios that larger companies bring with them. For example, if you want to open up branches in different parts of the world, or outsource part of your business to another firm, then corporate accounting software allows you to do this, because all you need is a solid internet connection. It isn’t rooted in one place or one office. Instead, it gives you and your business the option of flexibility both now and in the future.

This versatility Is further enhanced by the fact that most accounting software nowadays is also available on apps. This means that you can access all the pertinent information that you’re after from your smartphone.


In most cases, corporate accounting software is very competitively priced. The prices are dependent on the kind of support your business requires. That being said, the savings you’ll make as a company far outweigh any subscription costs or set-up fees. Their price-points, paired with their ease-of-use, make for an incredibly attractive proposition to businesses.

Software like Sage 200 alleviates several key stressors and pressure points on a business, from time to money. It’s a modern solution for a modern business age. So, if you’d like to find out more about our corporate accounting software solutions, then get in touch! Contact Impress Solutions today on 01708 759 760.

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