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Fintech solutions help banks and other Financial Institutions (FIs) streamline and optimise their monetary processes. Here at Impress Solutions, we offer a comprehensive Forex trading application, that offers FIs trading functionality with all the benefits of a CRM. Fintech solutions are all about making, what is an inordinately complex sector, much simpler. We designed our platform because of this need. Our platform, isCT, offers an end-to-end solution that’s been designed using our years of experience within the financial software sector. Because of this, it’s therefore able to help with compliance, trading, user experience and much more. If you’d like to find out more about our Forex solutions, then get in touch! Contact Impress Solutions today.

Why Is An Integrated Sanctions Checker Important For Money Service Businesses?

A stop sign indicating the importance of an Integrated Sanctions Checker

For Money Service Businesses (MSBs), finding out whether sanctions have been levied upon clients with whom they’ll potentially be working, is imperative. Financial sanctions are issued by the Government’s financial regulatory body, the Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation. They’re dealt out to individuals, or organisations (known as the ‘target’) who are deemed to have acted […]

The Importance Of Safeguarding To Money Service Businesses (MSBs)

A bank vault to signify safeguarding in our foreign exchange trading platform.

Safeguarding is amongst the most important regulations for UK financial businesses and Forex brokers. These regulations have been set out by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to help payment firms with their prudential risk management. Thanks to the FCA, customers are safeguarded against immoral, less scrupulous Forex brokers, who at times display bad practices. The […]

The History Of Forex Currency Trading

Canary Wharf, London, where much of the world's Forex trading takes place.

Whilst many of us may think that Forex currency trading is something very modern, the reality is different. In fact, it goes back a long way. The reason for this misconception is that many people get lost in the advanced jargon of the financial world, and lose sight of what, at its core, is a […]

Why Is Know Your Customer (KYC) So Important to Financial Institutions?

A new client being welcomed having had Know Your Customer Checks approved

Know Your Customer (KYC) is a term used to describe the policies or frameworks incorporated by FIs (Financial Institutions) to verify the legitimacy and trustworthiness of potential clients. This is done to better protect against fraud and money laundering operations. The practice of money laundering is not a recent invention. Indeed, the precedent for money […]

The Many Benefits Of Using A Forex Trading Application

A Forex trading application makes trading shares (like shown in the image) much more streamlined

Forex trading companies are increasingly looking for ways in which to leverage trading software to their advantage for that extra competitive edge. The appeal of a software solution, therefore, that can help mitigate risk and speed up processes whilst at the same time making the market more easily navigable is one such way to support […]