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Our integrated sanctions checker can significantly reduce the time and effort put in to check against listed targets. Customers often come to us looking for an application that can detect incorrect information entered between users and clients. That’s why we’ve developed a bespoke integrated sanctions checker which will save your business time and effort and is easy to implement into your business. This has become particularly important for businesses growing in size; those who are looking for a reliable software system that ensures accuracy and precision. If you’re looking for a more accurate way to exchange data and manage clients more professionally, contact us today!

Why Is An Integrated Sanctions Checker Important For Money Service Businesses?

A stop sign indicating the importance of an Integrated Sanctions Checker

For Money Service Businesses (MSBs), finding out whether sanctions have been levied upon clients with whom they’ll potentially be working, is imperative. Financial sanctions are issued by the Government’s financial regulatory body, the Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation. They’re dealt out to individuals, or organisations (known as the ‘target’) who are deemed to have acted […]

Why Is Know Your Customer (KYC) So Important to Financial Institutions?

A new client being welcomed having had Know Your Customer Checks approved

Know Your Customer (KYC) is a term used to describe the policies or frameworks incorporated by FIs (Financial Institutions) to verify the legitimacy and trustworthiness of potential clients. This is done to better protect against fraud and money laundering operations. The practice of money laundering is not a recent invention. Indeed, the precedent for money […]