The Importance Of A Business Intelligence Dashboard For Today’s Businesses

The sort of visual reporting enabled by a business intelligence dashboard.

Companies are constantly looking for ways in which they can optimise their operative efficiency without cutting corners. Fortunately, the digital nature of today’s world means that such opportunities for improvement are commonplace. A business intelligence dashboard is one such solution. Dashboard reporting is a data and information management tool that’s used to monitor metrics and […]

The History Of Forex Currency Trading

Canary Wharf, London, where much of the world's Forex trading takes place.

Whilst many of us may think that Forex currency trading is something very modern, the reality is different. In fact, it goes back a long way. The reason for this misconception is that many people get lost in the advanced jargon of the financial world, and lose sight of what, at its core, is a […]

Why Is Know Your Customer (KYC) So Important to Financial Institutions?

A new client being welcomed having had Know Your Customer Checks approved

Know Your Customer (KYC) is a term used to describe the policies or frameworks incorporated by FIs (Financial Institutions) to verify the legitimacy and trustworthiness of potential clients. This is done to better protect against fraud and money laundering operations. The practice of money laundering is not a recent invention. Indeed, the precedent for money […]

The Many Benefits Of Using A Forex Trading Application

A Forex trading application makes trading shares (like shown in the image) much more streamlined

Forex trading companies are increasingly looking for ways in which to leverage trading software to their advantage for that extra competitive edge. The appeal of a software solution, therefore, that can help mitigate risk and speed up processes whilst at the same time making the market more easily navigable is one such way to support […]

Key Features To Look Out For In Your Cybersecurity Solutions

Picture reading 'security' to emphasise importance of cybersecurity solutions

Over the past few months, businesses small and large have both found themselves having to adapt their workplace methodologies. Remote working and working from home has become the ‘new normal’, with meetings held virtually and documents handed over via email rather than by hand. This proliferation of digital working has brought with it a manifold […]

What Are The Benefits Of Corporate Accounting Software?

Corporate Accounting Software

With businesses looking to streamline their operations wherever possible, corporate accounting software has never been more important. In smaller businesses and SMEs, especially, where cash flow can be tight, there simply isn’t room for financial inefficiencies. Accounting software packages such as Sage offer countless advantages to businesses, ranging from financial savings to HR benefits. The […]

The Need For Corporate Data Storage Solutions

Corporate Data Storage Solutions

In today’s highly digitised world, there’s one currency more than any other that reigns supreme. It isn’t the US Dollar, the Euro or the British Pound – it’s data. Information is worth its weight in gold in today’s market. This means that businesses the world over are looking to store more and more data. This […]

The Importance Of Cybersecurity Solutions In 2020

Impress Solutions offers bespoke cybersecurity solutions

In recent years, there’s been a marked increase in the number of cybersecurity attacks taking place worldwide. According to some reports, in 2018, almost half a billion personal records were stolen by cybercriminals. These nefarious parties are developing ever-more sophisticated ways in which to dupe and trick users and systems alike into making mistakes which […]

The Benefits Of Outsourced IT Support

Outsourced IT support will often come up with lightbulb moments to solve your IT problems.

The world we live in is dynamic and changeable. To carry out business in today’s world means to leverage digital solutions to your company’s advantage in the most optimal way possible. Unfortunately, IT infrastructure can often prove a troublesome beast, its stumbling blocks the frustration of many a company. This is why high-quality IT support […]

An In-Depth Look At Data Backup

A Look At Backup Software

With businesses both large and small now holding on to huge quantities of data as a matter of course, data backup software has never been so important. Whether that be in the form of remote and cloud backups, or something else like an SSD (Solid-State Drive). The team here at Impress Solutions, providers of online […]